Winter Retreat

When: Saturday, February 5th, 2022

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. ET

Where: On Zoom (register for link)

Join us for a day-long retreat with Chas DiCapua, Open Door’s Guiding Teacher. Day-long retreats are a wonderful way for us to engage with a period of sustained, more intensive practice and help us get back or keep on track with our daily practice. It is an opportunity to rest and rejuvenate the body and mind when we practice more intensively together. 

Topic: The Marriage of Mindfulness and Loving Kindness

 The Mindfulness and Loving Kindness practices are almost exclusively taught separately. Taken as two different mind states, this actually makes sense. In a vacuum, cultivating Mindfulness and cultivating Loving Kindness progress towards two different goals; Seeing things clearly, as they are, and the wish for the happiness of all living beings.


And yet, as we look at the Noble Eightfold Path as a whole and how the Buddhist spiritual path evolves, we get a very different picture. From this vantage point, Mindfulness and Loving Kindness are inextricably connected. They both play an important role in the arising and cultivation of the other. 


In this day-long retreat we will explore the ways this happens. We’ll explore what the teachings say about the union of these two mind states, as well as seeing how we might experience it for ourselves during formal and informal (daily life) practice.


The day will include sitting meditation, dharma talks, movement, and small group discussion. We hope you will share this invitation with anyone who might be interested in attending. While there will be no charge for the retreat, there will be an opportunity to offer Dana to our teacher. Learn more about Dana here.

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About the Teacher

Chas DiCapua is the guiding teacher for Open Door, leading our weekly gatherings and retreats.


Chas has been practicing Buddhist meditation, primarily in the Theravada or early Buddhist tradition, for over 30 years. His practice and study include the IMS/Spirit Rock teacher training program and over two years in silent, intensive meditation retreat. Learn more