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Part 10 in Relationship Series

Updated: May 24, 2023

Attachment Styles

One psychological area that plays a huge part in how we relate to others, particularly in our most intimate relationships, is what our attachment style is. Our early relationship with parents or caregivers sets the stage for and has an overarching influence on how we build our social, work and intimate relationships as adults.

Given the impact of these early relationships on our adult life, it can be very helpful to know what type of attachment style we learned as a child. That is, what was the relationship like between ourselves and our caregivers? Even more specifically and to the point, how often and how well were our needs, including physical, but especially emotional, being met?

There are four basic attachment styles: Anxious, Avoidant, Disorganized, and Secure.

Knowing which one best fits us, and how it tends to manifest, can be very helpful in understanding ourselves relationally, including why we tend to attract certain people and why we can have difficulty being intimate in and maintaining our relationships.

For a description of each style, and links to go much deeper, follow this link:

For a short test to see which attachment style you most likely have, follow this link:

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