"My sense is that there is a very real problem among Western Buddhist practitioners.


We are attempting to practice meditation and to follow a spiritual path in a disembodied state, and our practice is therefore doomed to failure."


Reginal Ray

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"As much as possible in everyday life, use awareness of the inner body (feeling sensations) to create space.

Whenever you inhabit your body in this way, it serves as an anchor for staying present in the Now."

Eckhart Tolle

"In this fathom long body, I declare is the world, the origin of the world, the cessation of the world and the path leading to the cessation of the world."


There is one thing that, when cultivated and regularly practiced, leads to deep spiritual intention, to peace, to mindfulness and clear comprehension, to vision and knowledge, to a happy life here and now, and to the culmination of wisdom and awakening.


And what is that one thing? It is mindfulness centered on the body.        


- Buddha

We're learning how to not be in conflict and not be caught up in the diversity of our experience. So we're learning instead  to just be with the breath, just be with the whole body  and realize that the knowing mind can come into the experience of the body and there's a very available pleasure of the awareness being.


There's a stress when the awareness is neglectful of the body. We're living our life in a disembodied way; we don't realize it because we're so caught up in what we're thinking about. But it's stressful so when we do those first four instructions and we're healing the body and mind   and the mind is embodied…. it is   aware there is a body; a sitting   breathing body and there's the awareness that  is not in conflict  with the body not trying to control it.


Or make it different, not ignoring it or neglecting it. Then a pervasive calm can develop throughout the body. The body settles down; it's sort of like when we're being held we go” I feel safe “? And the baby-- like if we're holding a baby or whatever it actually calms down and feels that I can really trust.


And that’s what happens to the body. It sort of goes I don't have to be on guard; I don't have to be armored, I can really settle because the mind, the generous loving sensitive heart and mind, is finally showing up to the body. Coming home to the body and the body reflects this generous presence of the mind and heart and it relaxes.


- Mark Nunberg