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Racial Affinity Practice Groups at Open Door

Our move towards racial affinity groups (RAGs) at Open Door is inspired by the work of Ruth King, international teacher in the Insight Meditation tradition and author of Mindful of Race – a book that was generously donated to our community in recent months by fellow members of Open Door who are deeply invested in this work.

This work is also inspired and supported by the teachings of the Buddha that encourage us to investigate the conditions that lead to harm and suffering, on an individual and collective level, and to cultivate practices of non-harming, loving-kindess and insight.


We believe that gathering together in RAGs is integral to transforming our individual and collective habits of harm and in supporting the movement towards collective liberation. RAGs also provide our community a safe and supportive forum to continue doing this deep work with friends on the path. 

In Chapter 13 of Ruth's book, she clarifies the structure and intention of RAGs. We invite you to follow the link and read this chapter and consider creating or joining a Racial Affinity Group. 

If you are new to Open Door and would like to join a RAG, please drop us a note  on our Contact Page.

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