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2022 Retreat Calendar

Our day-long retreat dates

Oct 1

Wilderness Retreat: The Nature of Practice – An Awareness & Wisdom Retreat

with Alexis Santos and Susa Talan

Sunday, September 4 - Wednesday, September 7, 2022

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Retreat Preparation

Doing a more intensive retreat is a wonderful manifestation of your commitment to your happiness and freedom. Here are a few suggestions that can help your retreat be as supportive as possible. 

  • The day before the beginning of a retreat, begin to turn your attention to it by staying at home the evening before, keeping off of electronic devices, doing some formal practice and getting to bed early. These little steps go a long way in supporting your actual retreat experience.

  • If you share space with someone, talk ahead of time about how you will share the space. It’s helpful if each person(s) can be clear about their needs. Things to consider include; meals, chores during the day, child/pet care, and how necessary communication will happen.  

  • Stay off electronic devices other than your computer if the retreat is on zoom. This can’t be stressed enough. Let go of your devices for the day. You can do it!

  • If you are in a situation where folks may need to get in touch with you, see if a friend or family member can field those calls and make the decision if you really need to get pulled into the conversation.

  • At the end of the retreat, ease back into your normal routine slowly. Don’t dive right into email, start surfing the web, or go out to a big party. Be kind to your body, heart and mind.