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Join our Weekly Tuesday Night Sits and Events via Zoom*. See details below.

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Weekly Virtual Sit Details

Where: We meet over Zoom on Tuesdays from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. ET.

Zoom link: The Zoom link is emailed out every Tuesday before we meet and it is also shared in our private Facebook group. Join our mailing list here.


All experience levels are welcome. 

Open Door Meditation Community

Tuesday Sangha on Zoom with Guiding Teacher, Chas DiCapua

Theme of Dharma Talks: Body





Cultivating Body Awareness to Access the Heart




Noticing Subconscious Habit Patterns





Not Self 


Gleaning Wisdom: Suffering and the End of Suffering

What to Expect

Currently occurring via Zoom, Sangha meetings on Tuesday evenings are a mix of meditation with instruction, silent meditation, in-depth explanation about meditation practice, teaching on some aspect of the Buddhist spiritual path, and time for questions and discussion. Meditation periods are 30-45 minutes in length.

A Sangha member begins the evening with a short reminder of the origin of the land where we practice and our Buddhist lineage to support the aspect of gratitude, compassion, and our connection to all beings. 


After the brief opening, we begin our evenings with breakout groups of 3-4 people, where each person responds to a prompt from Chas.  The intention of the groups is to foster connection and community.  The groups generally last 12-15 minutes.

Sit Format

Teachings and meditation instructions will focus on a particular theme that we will work with over time.

Small Group Discussion

Dharma Talk* / Instructions

Meditation with Instructions 

Large Group Discussion, Q&A



Meditation will be primarily sitting but also standing at times.

Sitting meditation will generally be 30- 45 minutes in length and standing meditation will vary from 10 – 15 minutes.


Teaching & Discussion

Teaching, discussion and Q & A will be integrated. Per Chas, "Rarely will I give a Dharma talk where I talk for an extended period of time as people simply listen."

We will occasionally break out into small groups over Zoom as well.



Before starting, we will explain the Check-In process for any new members present.


The intention of the Check-In is to

- Support the building and cohesion of Sangha
- Practice mindful speaking and listening
- Intentionally bring the mindfulness practice into the “daily life” realm


*experienced teacher talk about Buddhist teachings and insight meditation practice

Our Guiding Teacher


Chas DiCapua is the guiding teacher for Open Door, leading our weekly gatherings and retreats. Chas has been practicing Buddhist meditation, primarily in the Theravada or early Buddhist tradition, for over 30 years. His practice and study include the IMS/Spirit Rock teacher training program and over two years in silent, intensive meditation retreat.

Learn more about Chas

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